Chain unloading

Hydraulic Chainload Floor System

  • Transmission alternatives: patented 4 –engine gear power or traditional 2 –engine chain transmission
  • 2-speed unloader: unloading speed for free-flowing goods: 100 m³/3 minutes
  • Hydraulic chain tensioning system
  • Forklift floor, base coating alternatives: glass fibre or sheet metal
  • Thanks to the half-chains, the conveyor ploughs can be run below the floor, in order to obtain a smooth base.
  • Thermo insulated floor

Hydraulically raising sidewall

  • 200 mm high wall lifter. The lifter is integrated to the same structure with the cover turner.
  • Hydraulic locking system of the raising wall
  • Can be easily customized for use in different transportation tasks
  • Unobstructed loading. Height up to 6 meters
  • Inner length=outer length-100 mm, inner width 2,450 mm
  • Fully isolated structure

Hydraulically opening and locking cover

  • Waterproof cover for the load
  • Hydraulic, automatic cover locking system
  • Cover, unloader and shutter functions can be controlled with the electric control system from the cabin
  • The highest inner height on the market
  • Low base structure, low center of gravity
  • Functions controlled from the cabin, outside or remote control


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